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Party Plate!!

Add healthy Japanese food to the holiday party table!
★necco party plate: necco original pickles, Kale nori goma ae, Roasted organic tofu, Renkon kabayaki oshizushi, Kabocha pumpkin salad, Organic tofu okonomiyaki, Lotus root croquette (1 day advance reservation required. $120. Pick up time 3:30-5:30pm. )
ホリデーシーズンのこの時期、大人数で集まることが増えますね♪ neccoパーティープレートでヘルシーな7品を追加しませんか?15589594_801549843316427_4625150460350945423_n

Plant based holiday dinner course!!

We are celebrating holiday season with our first plant based dinner course. For non-vegan friends, we do have non-vegan holiday dinner course with roasted Wagyu beef ! We wish you a happy holiday season!

Plant based holiday course
Dec 1st 2016- Dec 31st 2016
Okra nori goma ae & Renkon shiro goma ae
Brown rice taco 

Beets arugula salad with balsamic soy dressing

Two small plates
Tofu pancake & Kabocha manju (steamed kabocha pumpkin cake with stuffing)
Veggie tempura

necco original sushi
Three pieces necco style veggie sushi

Main course
Curry flavored cauliflower steak – with mushroom gravy

$50.00 per a person

Non-vegan option – $60/person Sushi: Tuna, red snapper and renkon kabayaki sushi Main course: Roasted Wagyu beef*Starter, salad and small plates are same as Plant based holiday course
* From two person* Limited availability. * Not for sharing
*1 day advanced reservation is recommended.dsc_0126

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
We will be closed on 24th November 2016.


New original menu “Bite”!!

We are excited to introduce new original menu Bite!!
Nori maki (sushi rice wrapped with seaweed) with topping below (your choice):
* Comes with 2 pcs per order. (one choice per order)


Which one do you want to have??
Seafood Bite
Spicy Tuna – with serrano pepper
Salmon and salmon eggs – with truffle oil
Spicy Albacore – with chili oil, vegenaise and garlic chips
Snow crab – wasabi vegenaise, avocado
Scallop and sea urchin – with lemon, salt and truffle oil
Seared toro with sea urchin and salmon egg – with green onion

Vegan Bite
Curry tempeh – curry flavored fried tempeh with potato and raisins
Wasabi tempeh – wasabi flavored fried tempeh with edamame and gojiberry
Tofu teriyaki – necco’s original tofu char siu with vegenaise and necco’s original sweet soy sauce


necco celebrates 2nd year anniversary

Time flies! Necco is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary from October 19th to 31st with 2 of our special treat to our beloved customers.


1. 2nd  year anniversary dinner course -$75/ person (10/9 -10/31)

Dinner course comes with a necco original wooden masu sake cup filled with sake for celebration and you can take it home as a souvenir! (Limited quantity per day)*1 day advanced reservation is recommended.

Starter: Small bites from our starter plate
Two chef’s choice small plates: Two small plates from our small plates
2nd year anniversary special sashimi: Chief’s selection sashimi
necco original sushi: necco style sushi
Main course: Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Nikomi (Slow cooked tender Miyazaki Wagyu Beef)


2. Roll the dice! (10/19 – 10/31) DINNER TIME ONLY
Customers get to roll the dice to determine the discount he or she will receive.
1 = $1
Total amount less than $50 – 1 dice
Total amount more than $50 – 2 dices

We hope to see you at necco soon!

All the best,