Welcome to “necco”
I carry Japanese heart, I carry it in my dishes

Inspired by fresh and healthful ingredients.

“necco” = Roots
necco’s values are rooted in Japanese heart
necco celebrates the root vegetable
necco hopes to root in this local area

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UPDATE : January.8.2018
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UPDATE : September.3.2017


“necco”dedicates to offer Japanese authentic flavor by using traditional ingredients such as “dash”, “miso”, and/or “soy sauce”, and delivers into modern presentation.

As its name suggests, “necco”uses variety of root vegetables such as ginger, lotus root, carrot, daiko and so on, which are absolutely good for your body.

And what make our food special and full of “Umami” a rich savory flavor is these healthful ingredients Tamari Soy Sauce, Koji, Tensai Sugar and Koso.


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