New original menu “Bite”!!

We are excited to introduce new original menu Bite!!
Nori maki (sushi rice wrapped with seaweed) with topping below (your choice):
* Comes with 2 pcs per order. (one choice per order)


Which one do you want to have??
Seafood Bite
Spicy Tuna – with serrano pepper
Salmon and salmon eggs – with truffle oil
Spicy Albacore – with chili oil, vegenaise and garlic chips
Snow crab – wasabi vegenaise, avocado
Scallop and sea urchin – with lemon, salt and truffle oil
Seared toro with sea urchin and salmon egg – with green onion

Vegan Bite
Curry tempeh – curry flavored fried tempeh with potato and raisins
Wasabi tempeh – wasabi flavored fried tempeh with edamame and gojiberry
Tofu teriyaki – necco’s original tofu char siu with vegenaise and necco’s original sweet soy sauce