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3rd year anniversary nabe dinner course

3rd year anniversary nabe dinner course – $85/person

Oct 20th 2017 to Nov 6th 2017
Chef Kenji is using special Donabe of Toiro which is from Iga in Japan. Donabe means clay pot in Japanese. The donabe made from special soil. The soil gives dishes great flavor. The dinner course comes with King crab, Matsutake mushroom and other Japanese autumn ingredients. (Limited quantity per day)

The clay of Iga region comes from 4-million-year-old earth layers which used to be the bottom of Lake Biwa. From this special historic porous clay, which naturally has the high absorbency and heat retention, traditional Iga-yaki pottery is made. Each of Iga-yaki donabe is truly an artisanal piece of work. It takes about 2 weeks for a donabe to be made.

Appetizer: Five chef’s special appetizer plates

Small plate: Chef’s special small plate

3rd year anniversary special donabe dish: Special King Crab nabe

necco seasonal sushi: necco style sushi

Seasonal fruit: From Santa Monica famers market


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